Paeony Lewis creates artwork that encourages us to ponder our relationship with the natural world.


In 2019 Paeony began postgraduate study in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA), informed by a degree in Environmental Sciences (University of East Anglia). This combination of art and science encourages thorough background research. Most environmental themes are far more complex than first anticipated.


Paper and a synergy of words and images often permeate Paeony's art. This could be an influence from previous years in publishing. As an author her picture books have been published in 19 countries.

Lately, Paeony has been experimenting with conceptual art in a variety of media, both 2D and 3D. Throughout her work, a reoccuring theme is the dichotomy between our values and behaviour.

Paeony Lewis furnace
Paeony  Lewis