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About Paeony Lewis

I create artwork that encourages us to ponder our relationship with the natural world.

Currently, I am studying for a Master’s degree in Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) in the UK. My postgraduate art is underpinned by a science degree in Environmental Sciences (University of East Anglia), and a past career in publishing with picture books published in nineteen countries. This makes for a melding of art, science and words.

In the summer of 2020 I began to experiment with cameraless alternative photography and this is now the focus of my practice. I am captivated by the way light and the essence of nature can produce images that create a different way of seeing. Through the medium of light, new light is shone on our intrinsic connection with our environment.

Taking our perception of the natural world further, I have begun a long-term study of our sensory responses to 'thin places', a term used by ancient Celts to signify times and places in the landscape where the veil is thinnest between the earthly and otherworldly. Through conceptual art, abstraction and alternative photography I explore nebulous 'thin places'  in the landscape that provoke positive sensory, emotional responses beyond our everyday understanding.

Paeony Lewis furnace
Paeony Lewis at Raveningham Sculpture Trail_edited_edited.jpg
Paeony  Lewis_edited.jpg
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